Episode 1: A Army Ranger’s Greatest Lesson with David Charpentier

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Episode 1: A Army Ranger’s Greatest Lesson with David Charpentier

During our conversation we dig into what every day health means to David Charpentier and the greatest lesson he learned during Army Ranger School. David’s unique background inspires his results-oriented, compassionate, approach.  He earned a BA in History and Secondary Education and a minor in Military Science.

David went on to pursue a career in the United States Army. He served for six years on active duty as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Officer.  David functioned as a subject matter expert advising senior leaders. David also served in leadership roles where he managed large and diverse teams. 

He is a graduate of the US Army Ranger School, the Army’s Elite Light Infantry Training course.  David then went on to successfully transition into Corporate America. He worked in sales and operations for Fortune 500 companies. In those roles he sold, implemented and managed multi-million dollar deals.  During our conversation we dig into the greatest lesson David learned during Army Ranger School.

– Introduction and Background 


– What does every day health mean to you? – 4:57


– What was the greatest lesson you learned going through Ranger school? – 10:32


– What led you to this point and your why? – 19:36

– How does health fit into your every day life? – 26:55


– What are three health tips for the every day person? – 37:20


– If someone wants to connect with you what is the best way to do that? – 45:55






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