Episode 2: The Pete Project – Introduction to the 12 Month Journey with Pete West

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Episode 2: The Pete Project – Introduction to the 12 Month Journey with Pete West

During our conversation we dig into how Pete West defines every day health and what the Pete Project is. Pete West at 59 is looking to turn back the clock of his health and see if he can regain the physical health he had in his 40’s over the next 12 months. What makes the project even more exciting is what he plans on doing for two of the twelve months. Pete is planning on biking across America. Starting in Oregon and finishing in Maine on his 60th birthday in August. 

Pete worked for 32 years at Proctor & Gamble. After retiring he took on the role of Executive Director for Self Sustaining Enterprises. Currently, he also is the CEO for Spectra Technologies

Throughout his career at Proctor & Gamble loved endurance events including marathons and triathlons. He even qualified and ran the Boston Marathon three different times. His PR for a marathon was 2:57.

This will be the first of many podcast episodes with Pete as we follow his journey over the next twelve months.  

– Introduction and Background 


– What does every day health mean to you? – 2:17


– History of running – 2:42


– Where are you currently at health wise? – 7:10
– Talk about the plan for the Pete Project – 7:55


– What are you planning on doing this summer? – 12:46
– What are you goals for the ride across the country? – 13:23
– What are you goals for the Pete Project? – 19:45
– What are three health tips you would give to the everyday person? – 28:39
– If someone wants to connect with you what is the best way to do that? – 41:41


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