Episode 9: The Mind Of An Endurance Athlete with Kevin Schwieger

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Episode 9: The Mind Of An Endurance Athlete with Kevin Schwieger

During our conversation Kevin Schwieger and I discuss what every day health means to him and the mind of an endurance athlete. From hating to run to finishing a triple ironman in around 54 hours. A list of his accomplishments include: 200 centennial rides, multiple 24 hour adventure races, 6-24 hour bike races, 600 mile lap around Amarillo, 7 ironman finishes, 15 marathons, 6 ultra-trail marathons, and a triple ironman finish. Kevin explains in detail what it is about endurance events for him and what drives him to finish.


– Introduction & Background
– What does everyday health mean to you? – 8:37


– The triple ironman – 11:01
  •  Explain it
  •  Why
  • Training
  • Thought process


– What is it about endurance for you? – 31:09


– How has your definition of everyday health changed over the years? – 34:18


– What are three health tips you would give to the everyday person? – 37:44

– If someone wants to get in contact with you what is the best way to do that? – 41:43



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