Episode 11: From Sheriff to Crossfit Coach with Mark Rasure

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Episode 11: From Sheriff to Crossfit Coach with Mark Rasure

During our conversation Mark Rasure and I discuss what every day health means to him and what it looks like being a sheriff and a Crossfit coach. We go into detail what it was like doing a 50 mile ruck sack challenge over night in Cincinnati. We also discuss his current daily life as a sheriff to how he views his responsibility to the community to be healthy as a public servant. For him the best way he stays healthy and fit is through Crossfit.


– Introduction & Background
– What does every day health mean to you? – 5:38


– How does the way you define every day health fit into your current every day life as a sheriff? – 12:40


– Why do you think it’s important as a sheriff to focus on health? – 19:32


– What led you to get involved with Crossfit? – 28:12


– What are the differences of the levels of a Crossfit coach? – 30:23


– What are your favorite aspects of Crossfit? – 36:19


– If you could change anything about Crossfit what would it be? – 37:16


– How has your understanding of every day health changed over the last ten years? – 39:51


– What are three health tips you would give to the every day person? – 42:54

– If someone wants to get in contact with you what is the best way to do that? – 54:30



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