Episode 14: The Pete Project – Nutritional Vices and Indulgences with Pete West

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Episode 14: The Pete Project – Nutritional Vices and Indulgences with Pete West

During our conversation Pete West and I discuss his nutritional journey during the Pete Project.  We go into detail on the difference between vices and indulgences and how Pete is dealing with that. We also talk about why he selected to cut out one vice but not the other and how this could impact him along the way.


– Remind us again about phase one and phase two. – 1:02
– An update on his diet. – 2:13


– What has worked for you? – 3:03


– Thoughts on fasting? – 3:56


– What has been your approach to nutrition? – 6:25


– How do you know if something is a vice or indulgence? – 11:32


– How do you deal with your vices? – 13:53


– What changes have you made regarding sugar? – 16:26


– What is an example of what is not on the list? – 20:10


– What is on the okay list? – 22:49


– So what about soda? – 24:18


– What about the debate regarding diet drinks? – 27:29


– What is your magic formula? – 35:31


– Do you take any supplements? – 39:48


– Any specific nutrition goals for the Pete Project? – 16:26


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