Episode 16: Type 1 Diabetes to Creating Medical Devices with Dr. Austin Duke

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Episode 16: Type 1 Diabetes to Creating Medical Devices with Dr. Austin Duke

During our conversation Dr. Austin Duke and I discuss what every day health means to him and type 1 diabetes. We go into detail about his life pre and post type 1 diabetes diagnosis. His journey through managing his life with type 1 diabetes led him Vanderbilt University where he earned a Master’s and PhD in Biomedical engineering. We even discuss the future of medical devices.


– Introduction & Background – :24
– How do you define every day health? – 5:05


– Childhood (Pre-diabetes) – 7:23


– Events leading up to diabetes diagnosis and immediately after – 8:44


– How did this affect your lifestyle (eating, exercise, etc) for the next few years? – 16:18


– Tell us about getting an insulin pump and how that gave you more flexibility – 23:05


– How do you strive to live a healthy life within the constraints of diabetes, traveling, and your family? – 35:52


– How did your experiences lead you on a path to bring medical devices to market to restore quality of life for other people like you? – 45:02


– What are some medical developments down the road that can bring every day health back to people who have lost it? – 51:49


– How do you achieve health when a monkey wrench is thrown into your every day life? – 59:07


– What are three health tips you would give to the every day person? – 62:13


– If someone wants to get in contact with you what is the best way to do that? – 68:07



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