Episode 19: Aging Gracefully with Marty Kronz

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Episode 19: Aging Gracefully with Marty Kronz

During our conversation Marty Kronz defined what every day health means to him. We discuss why having a routine is important, but also why exercise should be a part of your routine. Marty has learned to be creative with his exercise and modify it in order to stay healthy as he ages. 


– Introduction & Background – :29
– How do you define every day health? – 2:03


– What does that look like for you? – 2:52


– Why is having a routine in general important? – 10:47


– Why is making exercise part of your routine important? – 12:17


– Why is creativity important in your exercise routine? – 14:41


– How do you modify workouts? – 20:04


– How do you prevent injury yet still reap benefits? – 23:38


– What are three health tips you would give to the every day person? – 30:41


– If someone wants to get in contact with you what is the best way to do that? 




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