Riding For Acha – The Journey Has Begun

Dateline— Othello, Washington Thursday, June 27, 2019.  

We completed day four of riding today totaling 333 miles so far and seeing an incredible diversity of climates, terrain, and culture already.  We began our journey by dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean near Astoria, Oregon (added bonus of being on the beach where they filmed the last scene of the Boonies!).  

Day one was 57 miles of tough hills and continual heavy traffic to Kelso, Washington.  Entering Kelso meant crossing over an enormous, scary bridge over the Columbia River.  

Day two was 77 miles of part rural and part heavy traffic again, as this is the only road leading through the mountain to Yakima.  

Day three was the beast, 86 miles up and over the Cascades through White pass (4,500 Ft.).  The day began with an innocent 15 miles of rolling mountain foothills, but then went up and up and up—4,000 Ft. In 16 miles.  Those 16 miles took over 3 hours.  The unexpected bonus was the breathtaking scenery and spectacular views of Mt. Rainier.  That day earned us a day off in Yakima.  

Then today was a 90 mile dye from Yakima to Othello, Washington through the most desolate land I has seen.  We rode for over 7 hours and 90 miles without passing through a town.  

They say the world is too crowded— they haven’t been to eastern Washington.  Our next five days of riding will take us to Missoula, Montana.  

Until then— Kevin and Pete signing out.

One thought on “Riding For Acha – The Journey Has Begun

  1. Hi Kevin and Pete,
    I wish you both the best of luck on your adventure! 16 miles up a mountain is unreal. Please post more pictures, I would love to see what you’re seeing. Good luck on your continued journey!

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