Riding For Acha – What is Acha?

Most people don’t know what Acha is so we want people to understand not only what Acha is but why we are doing this.

We are using our bike across America as an opportunity to raise funds for our Economic Development Center in Jos, Nigeria. Currently one of our main crops is Acha ( or Folio ) which is a staple grain in this area. 

Unfortunately, it must be husked prior to sale and most farmers do not have access to the equipment needed to process it. In order to increase the value farmers receive we have proposed putting in a husking center on our property that can be used by local farmers to nearly double payout. The pictures above are of Acha pre-husked and post-husked.

This will require a husker, building, and storage silos costing ~$30K. We hope to raise these funds by the end of the summer so that installation can begin this fall.


Pete & Kevin

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