Riding For Acha – Down But Not Out

10 days of riding (12 days overall) has brought Pete and me to Kalispell, Montana and the foot of Glacier National Park.  
The last several days have been wrought with concern over Pete’s back. A degenerative condition with his low spine has reared its ugly head with the day-after-day-after-day of hard riding. Something that didn’t show itself while pre-trip training. The end result is that, as disappointing as it is, Pete will discontinue the trip on a “ride everyday, all day” mode. He will now rent a car and act as crew to Kevin. This will enable Pete to ride moderately some days, run a little some days, and allow his back to heal up.  
So for now, Plan B is officially in play. Except for that bit of depressing news, the trip has brought such an amazing variety and spectacularness (is that even a word?) of scenery.  

We have seen most of the lyrics to America the Beautiful (sea to shying sea, amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesty).  And we’re not even 1/4 of the way across.  Tomorrow leads us up and over the Continental Divide and on to the great plains.

Pete & Kevin

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