My name is Jerod Martin and I’m the host of the Jerod Martin Health podcast. The Jerod Martin Health podcast was born out of a desire to optimize my own health. For the past couple of years I have read books, researched online, and listened to hundred’s of podcast episodes in order to optimize my own health. I still listen to multiple podcasts but I listen to each podcast for a specific area of health and fitness. I wanted a podcast where I could get a wide range of topics and that is why I decided to start the Jerod Martin Health podcast.

I’ve always been a curious person and I love to research and talk to people about their understanding and experiences regarding health. So I decided it was time to begin recording those conversations with every day people for every day people.

To give you a brief background. I’ve been married for over ten years. I have four kids. I went to college then went on to earn a master’s degree all for the purpose of full-time vocational ministry. I worked for about ten years on various church staff’s and even was starting a church when I decided to transition into the business world full-time. Starting in 2017 I worked for a scientific R&D company called Spectra Technologies overseeing operations. I left Spectra in 2019 after co-founding botanCBD, which is a consumer regimen-based Hemp CBD lifestyle provider. Also, I co-founded, E5 Chem, a bulk Hemp CBD manufacturing, private label production & custom formulations company.

I look forward to all of the future conversations I will have and you will get to listen to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.